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This is a place for pictures of my various cosplay of the past and the ones yet to come. If your reading this than thank you for visiting my page XD.

Also used as a personal blog ofcourse.

Here are the final shots from my private shoot! I am absolutely flipping out over how well these turned out. Had so much fun with this shoot but the high freezing winds and a lack of real pants made for a chilling experience.

Dragon Effect Kaidan, a design I absolutely fell in love with when I first saw it posted. Immediately fanboyed for an hour and then messaged the artist to ask permission to cosplay his design. After countless months of talked and hard work here is the result. I am so happy to bring Andrew Ryan’s original design and creation to life. Hoping more cosplayers will join me! For now enjoy!



Artist of original design:

time: 24 February 2013, 12:04am
notes: 588 notes

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