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This is a place for pictures of my various cosplay of the past and the ones yet to come. If your reading this than thank you for visiting my page XD.

Also used as a personal blog ofcourse.
23 Apr '14
23 Apr '14
23 Apr '14
23 Apr '14
23 Apr '14
23 Apr '14
mint choco froyo, orange ice cream, jasmine tea, aaaand orange tea

Mint Choco Froyo:

1: That I have an idea of what kind of career I want to have in the future and a way to get there.

2: I can use my hands and creativity to make pieces of art or fix things that are broken.

3: My beard :D I love it.

Orange Ice Cream:

Hmmmm that I always appreciate you comments on my posts from time to time. They are always uplifting. :D

Jasmine tea:

Ummm hmmm I don’t like most mainstream anime? I dunno

Orange tea:

I dunno about secrets. Maybe that I suffer from extreme anxiety and have yet to do anything about it? 

23 Apr '14
these are the cutest omg please
redbean ice cream: ideal partner
greenbean popsicle: smth im jealous of
mochi ice cream: what i look for in a friend
banana popsicles: 1 memory i have of you
mango ice cream: a tumblr ship
strawberri froyo: top 3 insecurites
mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of
cookies and cream froyo: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you
vanilla: how i found your blog
orange ice cream: something ive always wanted to tell you
green tea ice cream: a blog that reminds me of yours
jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have
orange tea: a secret that i've kept
oolong tea: my first love
strawberry tea: favourite outfit
milk tea: current fashion obsession
bubble tea: fashion pet peeve
strawberry iced tea: your best feature
23 Apr '14
I'll give it a try :D Blue, Trees, Bears, Moon, Art, Architect. Ummm First initial is D, and Kristen. owo That enough info?



I used your suggestions of moon, tree, and architect.

So pronunciation wise it goes ploom-lee-oh, d (say d like you’re going to start saying dad but leave off the rest and pause a second), kree-steen, cahz-nee-stohs. Plumlio refers to moontree, then your parental influence, and caznistos refers to an architect.

Ahhhh this is so cool I love it :D Thanks! I wasn’t sure if you would have a word for Architect or not.